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With innovative ideas, smart materials and state-of-the-art technologies, we design and develop novel solutions and products for important trends and topics of our time. Located at the interface between research, development and production, we enable the transformation of an idea into innovative products, not only for industrial use, but also for everyday use.

Innovation does not stop at a national border either. As some of our successfully completed projects within the framework of the EU funding program "INTERREG Germany-Nederland" show, cross-border cooperation in the German-Dutch border region in particular, has the potential not only to significantly increase regional product and process innovation, but also to have a signal effect beyond our economic region..
Innovative ideas and smart products


HighTech Greenhouse 2020
eXtreme Temperature Chip IDentification
AquaFLEAW - energy saving watercraft


Tradename Intelli Labs
Spare parts & Consumables

Many spare parts and accessories for Agilent equipment are available directly in the online store.
Service & Installation

Aa a competent partner for maintenance, installation and laboratory relocation of your analyzer systems.
Support & Application

Application questions and help with software problems around your Agilent GC/MS instruments.
The chemical analysis section of our website has been expanded under the brand name Intelli Labs to provide information on current products and solutions for instrumental analysis (e.g. GC/MS), laboratory automation and customer-specific special systems. With developments in digitalization and sensor technologies, especially on IoT technology in the environmental field, DOCPA has further specialized and also has expertise in technology and market requirements. Simply contact us to discuss your specific requirement profile.

In the constant search for items with exceptional function or design, you will also find selected and tested product introductions in our store.
The DOCPA team wishes you a lot of fun while browsing.
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